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Your advantages

Michelin values its employees by investing in their future. Personal development is at the core of Michelin's values. The “Moving Forward Together” approach offers employee well-being through training opportunities and career management. Employees are provided guidance and empowerment to develop their own career path.

mutual commitments in six areas

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Career Management

With the help and guidance of their manager and local career resources, each employee builds their own career path. With this individualized activity management, Michelin supports each person's development on their career journey.

Training and development

Training opportunities range from continuous improvement to formalized learning, customized to fit every stage of the employee's career.

Job value

Each position has clear, defined competencies and deliverables. This ensures that every job promotes continuous progress in serving our employees and customers. 

quality of work life

Safe working conditions are Michelin's top priority to ensure the employee's well-being. Our competitive benefits allow our employees to seamlessly combine work and personal life, without having to sacrifice one for the other.

Pay and benefits

Michelin offers fair compensation linked to levels of responsibility and performance.

Michelin provides competitive benefits globally in each of the countries where it operates.