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Community engagement

Michelin is committed to living in harmony with local communitiesto create a better way forward through increased mobility and sustainability.

Michelin Performance and Responsibility in Thailand

Sharing the unwavering passion of the Michelin Group in creating “Sustainable Mobility” for the global community, Michelin Thailand is committed to the development of technology, along with the promotion of environmental awareness and energy conservation for the environment, as well as the reduction of road and workplace accidents for maximum safety of both community members and company staff. To the present day, Michelin has conducted numerous noteworthy social contribution activities, including:


Road Safety Campaigns

The ‘Michelin Road Safety Campaign’ was initiated in 1991 under the collaboration of both public and private sectors, with the aim of reducing road accidents and increasing road safety awareness. The Campaign is divided into three projects, as follows:



1. Michelin Safe on the Road: Fill Up With Air

In an attempt to prevent and decrease road accidents, Michelin has joined forces with the Department of Automotive Engineering Technology, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok – in setting up a public service unit to offer car check-ups; as well as to educate motorists about road safety and road accident prevention, tyre maintenance, and the importance of maintaining the correct tyre pressure.


TH-safty campaign Fill Up With Air


TH-safty campaign Fill Up With Air2



2. Michelin Safe on the Road: Helmets for Kids

With a strong commitment to promote road safety awareness among the Thai youth, Michelin has collaborated with a number of public and independent sectors – including the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, the Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation, and the local police – in hosting activities designed to enhance knowledge and understanding of traffic rules, while encouraging adults and children to wear helmets when riding bicycles and motorcycles.

TH-safty campaign helmets for kids




3. Support for Road Safety Promotion Activities Initiated by Other Entities

TH-safty campaign Support for Road Safety



Other projects:

/ Environmental Projects
/ Sustainable Development Project (Internal Staff Project)