Michelin in Thailand

A great place to work

Michelin prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion. This enables us to better serve customers while continuing to compete in an ever-changing global marketplace. We understand that when customers trust in our brand, they not only value the excellence of our products and services, they also believe in Michelin’s dedication to our employees and commitment to our communities.   Making meaningful progress requires commitment, engagement, and teamwork over time.

Our Culture

At Michelin we are proud of our culture of Respect for People that has been part of our culture since its inception. As we strive to do better each and every day for our customers and our community, the commitment and dedication of Michelin employees remains the force that moves us forward on this journey. 

Manufacturing at Michelin

Michelin uses innovative technologies to produce and create new products. Our manufacturing facilities include production activities that depend on automation, high-precision technologies, information technologies and control systems. Employees work on empowered teams to make decisions quickly to resolve problems. This is accomplished by employees developing trusting and demanding interactions. Employees develop new competencies through coaching and training that generate increased performance, progress and innovation.

Community Engagement

At Michelin our sense of responsibility is shown in our commitment to developing accessible, clean, safe and connected mobility solutions, and extends to our customers, employees, stakeholders and communities where we live and work.

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