May 2015

This data privacy policy is applicable to the content of this internet site hereinafter called “this Site”.


Thank you for carefully read this document that presents the methods of collection and use of personal data that you deliver to us via our job application management system. The use of the job application management system and/or the transfer of information imply that you acknowledge this document and accept its terms.


All personal data that you delivered to us is treated by the Michelin Group from the time of offering it. Personal data is collected and treated in accordance with this document and the applicable law in the host country where the job position is effective, and not governed by a legislation of the country where you reside.


Collection of personal data

Personal data that you have communicated with us must be accurate and complete. Submission of all inaccurate, false or incomplete data can result in rejection of your job application. Where necessary, Michelin can carry out a verification on your degrees indicated in your curriculum vitae and proceed a collection of your professional references of candidates (internship manager, hierarchical superior etc.)


Personal data is necessary for management of your job application to contact you in the middle of personal date treatment, send you job postings, answer your questions and/or request for your additional information.


If your personal data we are holding is transferred by another person other than yourself and/or if you transfer the personal data of a candidate you recommend, in the first instance, you can object to this treatment to the extent of the ability which will be offered to you by Michelin upon receipt of your data in such a way that you must be granted the consent of such person before transferring any of his or her personal data.


Use of personal data

Personal data that you have communicated with us is collected and used to the extent of our recruitment process management, future job offer data management in order to respond to your job application or manage the notifications to the finality of data management.


Michelin will strictly use your personal data for the purpose that it is collected. With respect to the conditions prescribed by the law, your personal data can be used for the purpose of statistical analysis and reporting and particularly to evaluate the frequency of site visit.


Michelin does not look for sensitive information (racial or ethnic origin, political, philosophical, religious opinions, labor union membership, health-related information, and sexual orientation) unless otherwise specified by the law of the country where you apply for a job.


In case of employment by Michelin, your personal data can be used in accordance with the employer-employee relationship under the conditions prescribed by the law particularly concerning the period of personal data retention.


Transfer of data

Your personal data we are holding will be communicated only with the Michelin Group’s personnel that you have relation with if you had an agreement with the Michelin Group where a job position was offered, and which is the job position that you initially applied for. Personal data will only be accessible and/or communicated with other companies of the Michelin Group located outside the European Union if you expressly give consent for the purpose of your job application.


Your personal data can also be communicated with service providers that Michelin works with. These service providers will have access to your data in such a way necessary to their missions, but they will not share this information with third parties and will not use it for other purposes.


The job application management system is hosted in the European Union. The persons reside outside the EU must know that the treatment of data linked to this hosting will be treated in conformity with the law governing the audit of treatment. Therefore, to enter into this agreement, you give consent to this treatment.


Provided that a regulation requires accordingly, your personal data can also be communicated with the organizations responsible for the application of the law, regulatory bodies, government agencies, and with third parties.


Retention period

Your personal data will be retained for a period necessary for the job application management with respect to the limitation of time prescribed by the law which permits a longer period. In the same limitation, your data will be retained by us to contact you once again and to propose you a susceptible position that interests you.


Data update

At all times during your job application onwards, you can review your profile, update it and object to its treatment. To exercise your rights, please complete the form below.


Questions and exercise of rights to access, rectification and objection

If you have any queries and if you wish to exercise one of your rights that you have, please use the contact form and contact the webmaster of Michelin Careers website.